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"Grappa tasting"

The task, however pleasant, to present this publication is not easy nor free of risks. What can you say when everything has been said, and said well, with scientific precision, in great detail, with exemplary clarity? And again, what can you say that is not already known about Prof. Luigi Firpo and the outstanding experts who collaborated to  "Grappa tasting". The only possible thing left for me is to explain the "why" of ANAG's editorial initiative. The association was founded with the intention to promote Grappa, this wonderful and typically local distillate, a product we believe is second to none, if not for lack of image and for accumulated delays in promoting its knowledge and appreciation. Without wanting to champion absurd protectionist and self-sufficient barriers, we also believe that promoting the "Grappa" product as an alternative or supplement to foreign spirits is unquestionably valid both for our domestic economy and the balance of payments. But, as we learnt from our experience in the wine sector, the promotion and valorization of a product, especially a high quality one, is played on consumers education. That's why one of the first ANAG initiatives was to entrust Mr. Odello, the oenology expert, with the task to write and publish this manual. Our intention is that it will serve as a valuable guide for anyone who favours a discerning and non superficial approach to the knowledge, selection and consumption of Grappa. 


  • Title:
    • L'assaggio della Grappa
  • Author:
    • Vari Autori
  • Year:
    • 1982