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"The influence of pH on the quality of Grappa

Grappa is the expression of over 400 components, each one acting individually and in synergy on the overall acid -base balance; minimal variations in pH can break this balance and cause transformations that may affect the final quality of the distillate. The aim of this work is to assess whether the manipulation of a Grappa pH can lead to a detectable effect on its quality. The idea behind it is mainly to see whether and how the manipulation of hydrogen ions concentration can affect the tasting sensation, since it is known that the pH is a complex parameter encompassing Grappa's general balance. Tasting plays an essential role in the assessment and observation of Grappa quality, in fact it is a very simple way to have a general view of the drink quality.

  • Title:
    • L'incidenza del pH sulla qualità della grappa
  • Author:
    • Gavioli Giancarlo
  • Year:
    • 1993/94