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"Technological innovation in the "Grapperia"

The main goal of the technological innovation started has been addressed to the ongoing research of the most effective instrument to suppress the generation of defects and to emphasize as much as possible the characteristics of quality in compliance with what is produced by the vine in the vineyard, having a very high concern of the need to differentiate the various grappa according to the grape variety, the environmental characteristics in which it is produced and the distillation styles of the area. All this taking in consideration other three targets ...



Luigi Odello – Oenologist. Born in 1951 in Murazzano, near Cuneo. At twenty, he becomes oenotechnician at the Alba School and soon after, starts working in a company active in the field of adjuvants, technologies, and publications for the wine & food industry. His career achievements culminate with office of Chief Sales Director. In his professional capacity, in addition to duties on the National market, he has supervised and assisted the French, Spanish and Austrian branches of his company, gaining a deep knowledge of the beverages and food world of these Countries. He further extended his knowledge with several trips to the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States of America and almost all East-European Countries. In 1990, after 17 years of work for the same Company, he founded a consulting firm focused on beverages and food products, dealing primarily with quality systems, sensory analysis, technological innovation, and communication.

  • Title:
    • L'innovazione tecnologica in grapperia
  • Author:
    • Zironi R. - Carnacini A. - Odello L.
  • Year:
    • 1999