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"Distillation and sensory analysis of Scotch whisky

The Scotch whisky industry is a big industry, one of the five main sources of export revenue for Great Britain. Whisky produced and aged in Scotland is exported to 190 countries; before the Second World War exports made up 50% of total sales, today they are nearing 85%. The importance of this industry can also be seen from the fact that undergraduate and graduate courses in "Brewing and Distilling" are held at the HeriotWatt University in Edinburgh, attended by students of different nationalities. In April last year the Edinburgh Science Festival hosted, among others, a conference entitled "The Art and Science of Scotch Whisky", further evidence of how Scotch whisky, as well as being a product of great commercial value, has now entered a highly scientific context; whisky production is, in fact, the result of a complex procedure and countless natural chemical reactions, but also the result of work carried out by highly skilled people and the subject of analysis and research aimed at evaluating and improving its quality.

  • Title:
    • La distillazione e l'analisi sensoriale del whisky scozzese
  • Author:
    • Sparago Silvia
  • Year:
    • 1994/95