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Grappa: origins and history, distillation and ageing, from grape marc to Grappa, the profiles of 22 Italian distilleries, the tasting of 40 grappas. Gambero Rosso presents a new paperback collection: the Gambero Rosso Practical Guides. These pocket books, quite easy and quick to read, are each one devoted to a specific topic on food, wines and mixed drinks. The subjects are dealt with in a simple way, and made easy to understand even if you are no super expert in the oenogastronomic sector but simply want to approach food and wine as a curious and gluttonous consumer. That's the same philosophy that underlies the monthly Gambero Rosso publication, which focuses on food consumption, wine and travel, and has been available for some years now at Italian news stands. All books authors are also editors or contributors of the magazine itself.



  • Title:
    • La Grappa
  • Author:
    • Zaccone Alberto
  • Year:
    • 1996