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From alchemy to science. It seems that Grappa, the most elementary of distillates, is also the one that best encapsulates and expresses, for no apparent reason, the magic of the ancient alchemical art. After an excursus on Grappa in general (from production to tasting, starting from the «prehistory» of distillation) we find 119 recipes of dishes and drinks. The dish recipes come from our cooking tradition; we do not usually notice it, but only a few drops can give life and joy to a dish. As for the drinks, the old belief that Grappa overdominates the other ingredients is dispelled; it is just a question of finding the right dose and strike a balance. Lastly, we find information cards on different distilleries and their products. 


  • Title:
    • La Grappa
  • Author:
    • Papo Luigi - Pesenti Anna
  • Year:
    • 1984