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"My Grappa"

I have poisoned many times friends and acquaintances with my hellish concoctions, many of them prepared from traditional recipes, others, perhaps the majority, inspired by the desire to do something different; every time, however, these fine tasters showed to be grateful and asked me how I had prepared such potions. The recipes are very easy and I thought I would tell them quite simply, highlighting the properties of plants and fruits that were used. [...] In between recipes I put a few stories on events that actually occurred and were centered on Grappa; they are real life anecdotes told jokingly, at least I hope, to stress the fact that this book is dedicated to friends. [...] Now there is industry, large scale production, the advertising that tells you what to do to obtain the right Grappa [...], just a lot of nonsense, forgetting that all too often Grappa is something much more simple and sincere.

Marco Simonetti


  • Title:
    • La mia Grappa
  • Author:
    • Marco Simonetti
  • Year:
    • 1980