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Not so long ago, grappa, distilled from the dregs of wine, was the poor man's booze of northern Italy. But no longer. Over the last couple of decades grappa has become fashionable throughout Italy and abroad, thanks in great part to distillers who realised that, by selecting the best of the pomace from certain grape varieties and even single vineyards, they cuold make distilled spirits of distinctive aromas and flavours. Sold in special bottles with fancy labels, some of the so-called "designer grappas" are as expensive and sought after as V.S.O.P. Cognacs and Armagnacs. Most grappa is not aged before it reaches the market, though there are exceptions

  • Title:
    • Notes on Grappa: Vicenza Qualità Grappa Tasting
  • Author:
    • Anderson Burton
  • Year:
    • 1997