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"Stabilization and bottling of Grappas and grape brandy"

A review of the main stabilization operations of grape distillates and of the bottling systems normally used.


Roberto Castagner - As a lifelong oenologist and Master Distiller who has done his training atprestigious Wine School of Conegliano, Castagner has been able to exhalt the best tradition of Grappa-making by renewing it through the creation of unique products, aimed at satisfying a modern and discriminating public. Roberto Castagner heads the Grappa and Spirits Academy, established in 2003 in partnership with 5 Distilleries to promote technological research, supervise the Grappa market and educate.

  • Title:
    • Stabilizzazione e imbottigliamento di Grappe e acqueviti d’uva
  • Author:
    • Castagner R. - Piccinato R.
  • Year:
    • 1993