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"Technology of Grappas and Grape Distillates"

Many issues revolve around Grappas and distillates in general, ranging from the agricultural to the economic sector, the social and the health one. Starting from the belief that in order to fully appreciate this product it is important to also understand the basic rules governing the whole sector, a collection of texts is proposed that can satisfy the most diverse interests. In particular this text analyzes, after an introduction on the general aspects of these products, the grape marc, the grape marc siloses, lees as base material for Grappa production, the distillation principles applied to Grappas, preliminary considerations on distillation plants, set up and management of distillation plants, perfecting of distillates, stabilization and bottling, technology of grape distillates, tasting and laboratory analysis.


  • Title:
    • Tecnologia delle Grappe e dei Distillati d'uva
  • Author:
    • De Rosa T. - Castagner R.
  • Year:
    • 1994