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"Herbal teas, liqueurs, Grappas and other natural remedies"

Speaking of plants, the thought immediately goes to healthy and a little austere recipes, definitely beneficial, but sometimes difficult to include in our everyday life. Well , this book was written precisely to dispel this idea. There are many recipes for liqueurs, infusions and grappas that can find a well deserved place in your sitting room drinks cabinet, enriching it with new flavours and giving back to is the dignity of a nearly forgotten role. It will be aperitifs and digestifs rich in the various substances stomachic properties that you will serve, being complimented for their exquisite aroma. And your guests will love to sip a welcome drink, fragrant and tonifying, made by yourself using natural ingredients. [...]The last chapters are devoted to natural cocktails, for those who want to unleash their imagination or must deal with a special situation: friends who do not drink, a children party or, why not?, a romantic evening.



  • Title:
    • Tisane, liquori, Grappe e altri rimedi naturali
  • Author:
    • Turati Laura
  • Year:
    • 1994