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Herb for "sauce"

  • Plant: Lesser Calamint (Satureja Calamintha)
  • Plant part: flower
  • Plant feauters: digestive, expectorant, relieving flatulence

  • Description:
    According to some authors the name Satureja would have Latin roots, which refers to the term Satura and later was interpreted as "salsa" or "sauce".
    This interpretation seems quite acceptable, since the lesser calamint (Satureja calamintha) is sufficiently known as a spice to improve the taste. It is found in forests and undeveloped meadows, both in the plain as well as in the mountainous region and flourishes in the late summer.
    Due to its essential oil, mainly consisting of menthol, it has a strongly aromatic smell, like all plants which belong to the labiate family, for example the mint and the thyme.
    Such an important aromatic plant should also be used in an aromatic Grappa.  
Lesser Calamint (Satureja Calamintha)
  • Ingredients:
    - a dozen of flowering tops of the lesser calamint
    - 1 liter of Grappa
    - some sugar
  • Preparation:
    After picking a dozen of flowering tops in the late summer, you have to place them for three months in a liter of Grappa together with some sugar and leave the mixture in the sun.
    After filtration, it is aged for one month.
    The taste will be intensely aromatic and the color will be dark green.

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