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Baked quails


Fry the diced bacon, the chopped chives and sage in the butter and season with salt and pepper.
Sprinkle all with the Grappa, let it evaporate and fill with this stuffing mix the quails.
Sew the opening, spread butter and salt on quails, wrap them in aluminum foil and put in the oven for about 30 minutes.
Take the quails out from aluminum foil.
Serve on a platter the quails over a golden in butter slices of bread crumbs.

Recommended Grappa:
Poli Bassano 24 Carati

  • Ingredients:

    100 g very lean chopped bacon
    A chopped mixture of chives and two sage leaves
    Salt and pepper
    1 shot of aged Grappa
    4 fresh plump, plucked and clean quails
    50 g butter

  • Author:
    • Annabella
  • Typology:
    • Second courses
  • Preparation time:
    • About 30 minutes
  • Notes: