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Roast with mushrooms


Take a tiny, sharp knife, and  make some cuts lengthwise.
Place the mushrooms in the cuts and tie up the meat.
Season the meat with lemon juice, salt, pepper, set aside to rest for fifteen minutes.
Brown it on all sides in butter flavoured with a clove of garlic.
Remove the garlic and add Grappa to the meat.
When this has evaporated, add a ladle of broth.
Cover and let simmer for about an hour and a half,  adding other broth if necessary.
Serve the sliced meat with the reduced sauce.

Recommended Grappa:
Sarpa Oro di Poli

  • Ingredients:

    600 g calf
    25 g dried mushrooms soaked in warm water, cooled and cut in stripes
    Juice of half a lemon
    60 g butter or margarine
    A clove of garlic
    Half a glass of aged Grappa
    Salt and pepper


  • Author:
    • La Madre
  • Typology:
    • Second course
  • Preparation time:
    • About 2 hours
  • Notes: