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Veal roast with Grappa


Chop rosemary and garlic, add salt and pepper and spread these spices on all sides of the meat. Set aside to flavor for about half an hour.
Add some olive oil and butter and roast the meat.
Add half a glass of aged Grappa, flame to remove the alcohol so as to leave only the flavor in the meat.
This latest operation must be repeated once again, at a distance of half an hour, with the remaining  Grappa.
Cook the roast for about an hour and a half. Slice the meat thinly, and serve covered with its sauce.

Recommended Grappa:
Poli Bassano 24 Carati

  • Ingredients:

    750 g lean meat
    1 sprig of rosemary
    1 clove of garlic
    50 g butter
    Half glass olive oil
    A glass of aged Grappa
    Salt q.s.
    Pepper q.s.

  • Author:
    • Gina Manna - Genova
  • Typology:
    • Second course
  • Preparation time:
    • About 30 minutes
  • Notes: